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The Story About Us

After decades of traveling, we tasted sweets from all over of the world, sampling specialties from every place we visited. One thing was consistent: we were not sure of the ingredients. Local shops provided delicious fare, but with no information of how the sweets were made, of hygiene and most importantly, health. That is when we thought of the healthiest sweet alternative of them all: dates. Not just delicious but immensely healthy, dates satisfied our sweet cravings and our health needs – and that led to the birth of The Date House.d.



As raw cakes are growing in popularity, particularly in independent bakeries, coffee shops and at home, Marie Nichols has developed a date-nutrition recipe using only natural ingredients. Dates are used to naturally sweeten the cake, add toffee flavour, and to bind the base together. This recipe is vegan and free of refined sugar. ​ INGREDIENTS: Base: • 1 cup […]

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Here are 5+ healthy substitutes for your wellness

Eating healthy and living clean can sometimes feel tedious. It can feel like a huge burden to tear yourself away from your cravings. It can also take a toll on your mind, especially if you have cravings that just won’t go away. But clean eating is the result of little habits that develop over time. […]

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Date Recipes

Summer is here and the heat will have us worked up and uneasy. The heat usually hampers your appetite and leaves you feeling lethargic or craving junk. The Date House recognizes the dilemma you are in and we have curated a few recipes that would work as a great supplement to your meal or just […]

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Our first outlet launch in Chandigarh!

Healthy food store The Date House to open maiden outlet in Chandigarh

FNB News

Besides dates, The Date House will also launch date oats cookies, honey oats cookies, coconut cookies and honey almond cookies during the launch of the store in Chandigarh.

Restaurant India

Featured In The Press!

The Date House has introduced new varieties such as Premium Pitted Dates (Khidri Dates From Saudi Arabia), Premium Filled Dates (filled with nuts), Premium Filled Chocolate Dates (coated with Rose Valley, Dark, Milk and White Chocolate, Ajwa Dates and Mejdool Dates.

The Morning Standard

The Date House is re-introducing dates as a healthy and delicious alternative to sweets. These zero fat and zero cholesterol fruit, they say are imported from Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Their basic variety are the Khidri dates from Saudi Arabia, while the Premium Filled dates and Premium Filled Chocolate dates are two of their premium varieties. These are stuffed with nuts and almonds respectively, with the latter being available in three chocolate variants (Rose Valley, dark, milk & white). Other varieties include Azwa dates, which have religious relevance in Islam, and Organic Majdool dates from Jordan, as certified by ECOCERT.

The Hindu

The Date House, the new premium healthy food products line has introduced the new varieties of premium & best dates. Dates are healthiest sweet alternative. Not just delicious but immensely healthy, dates satisfied our sweet cravings and our health needs – and that led also to the birth of The Date House. The Date House introductory product portfolio includes the imported dates from Saudi Arabia & Jordan.

Business News This Week

A healthy and delicious alternative to sweets, dates can be a really good gift option. And, Date House has a wide range of premium dates, from organic to chocolate-coated.

Indulge - The Indian Express

The Date House is all about bringing luscious but healthy varieties on the table. Extending the usage of dates into products such as jams, spreads, and cookies. Also, they aim to pioneer in bringing luxurious and hygienic products to the table.

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