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About Us

After decades of traveling, we tasted sweets from all over of the world, sampling specialties from every place we visited. One thing was consistent: we were not sure of the ingredients. Local shops provided delicious fare, but with no information of how the sweets were made, of hygiene and most importantly, health. That is when we thought of the healthiest sweet alternative of them all: dates. Not just delicious but immensely healthy, dates satisfied our
sweet cravings and our health needs – and that led to the birth of The Date House.



THE DATE HOUSE –Packaging Designed by Global team of Designers‘The Date house ‘Brand-Has been shortlisted for A ‘Design Award , Italy for 2020Our Premium MajdoolDates are from the Jordan’s King Own Royal Farms and cultivated by Organic way of farming. World’s Best ingredients Sourcing :-Iranian Pistachios, USA Walnut , USA AlmondsImported Premium Chocolates are being used only.

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