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Here are 5+ healthy substitutes for your wellness

Eating healthy and living clean can sometimes feel tedious. It can feel like a huge burden to tear yourself away from your cravings. It can also take a toll on your mind, especially if you have cravings that just won’t go away. But clean eating is the result of little habits that develop over time. It can take up a lot of energy to form a habit, but once formed and practised, it takes less energy to keep it going. Eventually, the habit becomes a part of your life.

It’s important to build healthy habits and find clean, natural substitutions to all your food cravings.

This article sheds some light on how you can replace processed food with healthy natural substitutes. Take a look:


Bread is comfort food for many, but as comforting as this may be, it’s one of the most processed items of food you can find. Apart from containing gluten, bread is made from refined wheat and is pulverized which removes all its nutrition. You can easily replace bread with other starch options like quinoa, potatoes, rice, ragi bread.


Usually made from refined wheat, pasta isn’t the best option if you’re looking for a healthy meal. You can try pasta made from quinoa, whole wheat or zucchini. Pasta made out of Butternut squash can also make for a delicious healthy dish.


You can find plenty of gluten-free options instead of cereal, which is usually packaged and full of processed sugar. Porridge made of ragi or broken wheat, buckwheat, quinoa and barnyard millets makes a good replacement for cereal.


Milk and its byproducts can cause discomfort to some people. You can use almond, soy, coconut, hemp, cashew and rice milk as substitutes.

Cheese is usually processed and hence not recommended. They contain poor-quality vegetable oils and gum. You can replace it with cashew cheese or any other nut cheese.


Reducing alcohol consumption over a period of time is beneficial for your gut and body. Instead, try alternatives such as fresh fruit juice, ginger ale and kombucha. Coconut water is yet another fabulous option that will keep you hydrated.


The silent killer, processed sugar, has recently caught everyone’s attention. Sugar can be extremely dangerous and when consumed in large quantities can lead to diseases like diabetes. Instead of sugar, switch to healthier forms of unprocessed sugar. Coconut sugar, jaggery, raisins, fruits and dates have a low glycemic index and are naturally sweet. Dates, especially, have been known to be a great source of antioxidants, and maintain bone mass and help reduce blood pressure among other things.

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